I'm not much of a talker. I'm more of a doer.

With 15+ years of design experience, I can go from down in the details pushing pixels to high-level strategy work without batting an eye. I love managing teams and I’m happy to be the player/coach leader your team needs.

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I'm a full stack designer - discovery and research to UI, people manager to IC.

Versatile and accomplished Director of Product Design with a proven track record of driving innovation and delivering exceptional user experiences across a diverse range of industries. With over a decade of experience spanning Product Design, UX Design, Visual Design, and more, I excel in leading cross-functional teams and leveraging design thinking methodologies to create impactful solutions. From spearheading product accessibility initiatives to scaling design teams for business growth, I am dedicated to pushing the boundaries of design innovation and driving tangible results. I possess strong communication skills, enabling effective collaboration with global teams and stakeholders. Committed to fostering a culture of innovation and excellence, I am poised to make a transformative impact in any organization I join.

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“As a design partner, Chelsea's knowledge of the product, understanding of our business goals, and empathy for our customers enable her and her team to create successful solutions. As a team leader, her empathy for all the individuals on the team, desire to provide clear guidance, and continual push to up-level our working model makes her a great partner to collaborate with on the never-ending list of team challenges.”

Senior Director of Product Management at Highspot
Caitlin R. Senior Director of Product Management at Highspot

“Chelsea is a natural leader and advocates both for her team and the customer. On multiple occasions during my time at Highspot, we had turnover that left some crews without a design leader and Chelsea was always the one to step in and make sure that every area had support.”

Senior Product Designer at Highspot
Kelly C. Senior Product Designer at Highspot

“Chelsea was detail-oriented throughout the design process and always considered the full scope of use cases... she remained calm and level-headed during our short-turn deadlines.”

Director of UX at GLG
Scott S. Director of UX at The Garrigan Lyman Group

“Chelsea is a strategic thinker, able to identify areas for improvement and implement solutions that drive positive change. Her dedication to setting clear goals and priorities, coupled with exceptional organizational skills, enables her to manage multiple projects with ease.”

Senior Product Manager at Highspot
Aizat M. Senior Product Manager at Highspot

“Chelsea is great at working with developers and understanding their limitations to ensure that the designs come to fruition without losing quality.”

Lead Developer at Provoke Solutions
Ivan S. Lead Developer at Provoke Solutions